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The Root Cause

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Throughout time, mankind has endeavored to grow technically for various reasons. Many of these endeavors have brought much convenience, and advance in knowledge, but there has been catastrophic damage along the way. For instance, a great bridge built to cross over waterways has met with disaster at times, including the loss of life, afterwards, the investigators always perform a “root cause analysis.” Over the years as I have interacted with many people, through counsel, fellowship, or sometimes friendship, I find that many symptoms in life we deal with share a common root cause. Jesus expressed this in Mark 4, in the parable of the sower, when he emphasizes the need to be one who plants deeply the Words of God in the human spirit. Without the Word of God planted in the heart, you will not overcome all the temptations, trials, and bondages in life. The Word of God when not placed in the heart is the “root cause” to the problems we face. Glory to God! The Lord has blessed us with His power to overcome anything-only found in His Word.

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